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Deconstructing Obama, Pt. 4: Alpha Dominance Revisited

Tweet I had actually planned to do this post next week after some more installments of the Renaissance Man series, because it seems like each Obama post I do causes me to shed subscribers by the boatload. I thought maybe it would be better to space out my Obama analyzing posts as a result. But [...]

Sites To Make You A Little More Disappointed In Humanity

Tweet A new ongoing feature. This one is the ladies’ edition. First one comes courtesy of I Bang the Worst Dudes. (Sorry, Mom) The site is really disheartening. One thing I never understand is women who love going into detail to anyone who’ll listen about how they repeatedly banged the douchiest and most insecure [...]

Becoming A Renaissance Man, Part 2

Tweet Click here for the introduction explaining the premise of the series Click here for Part 1 in the series. Here are two more steps to become a Renaissance Man, and they are related: Become an Expert on Your City Most of us don’t experiment in the cities we live in. We settle into routines. [...]

The 2 Best Odes to Drug Dealers Ever

Tweet The Best, “Sugar Man” by Sixto Rodriguez: Sugar man, won’t you hurry ’cause I’m tired of these scenes. For a blue coin won’t you bring back All those colors to my dreams. Silver magic ships you carry Jumpers, coke, sweet Mary Jane Sugar man, met a false friend On a lonely dusty road Lost [...]

Becoming a Renaissance Man, Part 1

Tweet Read the introduction if you haven’t done so already to understand the basic concept of the series. Now let’s get into ways to become more of a Renaissance Man. Rather than give ultra-specific steps, my approach is to give general ways to live that will help you become more of a Renaissance Man in [...]

Becoming a Renaissance Man, Introduction

Tweet A quick note: it appears that I lost 150 subscribers, almost half my total, after my last Obama post. Well, at least you can’t say it didn’t move the readers. Second quick note: it seems the immortality drive series was depressing the shit out of people, so I put it on hold for a [...]

Deconstructing Obama, Pt. 3: Lincoln and the Narcissist

Tweet I found a great piece by Sam Vaknin, Ph.D and narcissism expert, diagnosing Obama with extreme narcissism. It’s really worth the time it takes to read it in detail, as I think he makes a very plausible case that I think is at least worth consideration, given the impact the man will have over [...]

The One Drive: Immortality, Part 3

Tweet Part 1 of this series Part 2 In this part, I’m going to talk about a related concept, immortality by proxy. Immortality by proxy is what people usually refer whether they know it or not when they tell you about the importance of being part of something “bigger than yourself.” Immortality by proxy has [...]