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The One Drive: Immortality, Pt. 2

Tweet In Part 1, I discussed the theory that all things tie into how the fear of death and urge for any type of immortality shapes just about everything we do. Previously I’ve said humans are ruled by two drives, the drive to survive and the drive to reproduce, but I think the drive for [...]

The One Drive: Immortality, Part 1

Tweet I’m a big fan of inductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning is where you begin with specific observations, try to detect common patterns and irregularities in those observations, and explore theories until you can come up with an all-encompassing general theory that can explain said patterns and irregularities. This is sometimes informally called the “bottoms up” [...]

The Hustle Mentality

Tweet I’ve had friends make fun of my obsession with human nature in the past. They claim it’s ridiculous to “play games” or be “manipulative.” I’ve heard things like “I don’t need to know stuff like that, I prefer to just be myself.” If I ever recommended a good article or book or piece of [...]

Do You Wanna…?

Tweet You know, even as a kid I always had a strong attraction to Joan Jett. I’m talking as young as 8 years old. Growing up, I always thought I was the exception and not the norm. She’s pretty but she’s not especially curvy, is very pale, has a raspy voice a lot of guys [...]

Two Bar Stories From My Past…With Animal Themes

Tweet Lions Years back, I was barhopping in the Lower East Side of NYC. The night was young, and my boy Grip and I were at the last stop of our crawl when we came across this African guy. I don’t remember how the conversation started because we were all well on our way to [...]