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Open Thread on the Election

Tweet Recently Ruff posted the following comment: Say, are you ever gonna post comments about the election? I understand all the arguments supporting apathy or ambivalence regarding the whole circus. But I?m still interested in hearing what people think and feel about the various issues (or non-issues). I lean conservative on a number of issues [...]

My European Trip, Part 10: Finale

Tweet A round-up of vacation thoughts that were interesting, but not interesting enough to warrant individual blog posts: The Illusion of Soft Culture: In some ways, visiting a culture that is blatantly and outrageously different on the surface is probably better than going to some cultures in that seem to only have superficial surface differences [...]

My European Trip, Part 9: A Conversation

Tweet I described the Rearden recently. Here’s an example where I tested it out in Europe (I’m reciting to the best of my memory, but I think this captures the gist of the conversation pretty well). I’m sitting at an outdoor bar called L’Toosje in Amsterdam right outside of the red light district, drinking a [...]

My European Trip, Part 8: The Rearden in Action

Tweet I’ve been talking about dealing with passive-aggressive people, or as I’ll call them from this point forward, Passive Aggressors, and the technique I’ve been working on to deal with them called The Rearden, based on the character Hank Rearden from the Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged. In this installment I described the dilemma in [...]

My European Trip, Part 7: The Rearden in Theory

Tweet Yesterday I discussed the current phenomenon of beta male confrontation, where we live in a society of passive-aggressive men whose default mode for dealing with conflict, no, the world in general, is through a constant stream of snark and sarcasm. And like I mentioned yesterday, the ways most people choose to deal with it [...]

My European Trip, Part 6: Beta Confrontation

Tweet I was supposed to make this the final part of my European trip posts, but it was taking too long to write. Not only would it be inhumanly long and earn me my usual complaints about writing lengthy posts, it was creating a long gap in my posting. So I’m breaking up what was [...]

Looking For Books From A Liberal Perspective

Tweet I’m looking to expand my views by trying some books with more of a leftist slant. In this post, I discussed my favorite conservative books. I want to try something different and read some good liberal books, but most of the liberal books I find seem to not really confront conservative viewpoints with good [...]

Blacks and IQ, part 2.5

Tweet I was going to put up pt. 3 of Blacks and IQ later this week, but I got a comment on Part 2 of the series that I thought needed addressing. The response got so long I decided to make it a bonus post rather than a comment. Basilransom commented: T, The topic of [...]