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Blacks and IQ, Part 2

Tweet Part 1 can be found here, where I discussed reasons why to me the focus on Black IQ versus IQ is very much a waste of time. Here in Part 2 I’d like to discuss what I consider average IQ of a racial group to be indicative of. Average IQ of a racial group [...]

Open Thread on the Economy

Tweet Feel free to post any random thoughts on the economy here folks. How we got here, predictions on where we’re going, anything. My first prediction: Illegal Mexicans will be caught sneaking back into Mexico for opportunity. Remember where you read it first. Related posts: Open Feedback Thread Open Thread on the Election Open Thread: [...]

I Would Kill To Find This On CD

Tweet The chorus and the bridge just kill it, one of the best uses of the Bob James “Nautilus” sample ever. Terribly underrated. No related posts.

Comment of the Month, 09/2008

Tweet In response to this post, Why? writes: This is really creepy. You are aware that pimps are horrible, horrible people right? That they abuse and hurt people. I find this writing dramatic hearsay. Personally I think you are simply attracted to the idea of controlling a situation you had difficulty in and are rationalising [...]


Tweet In one of my recent Sweden posts, I described a concept called Simp’s Dilemma a play off the game theory concept Prisoner’s Dilemma. Many people out there still had no idea what a “simp” or a “trick” was though. Lo and behold, I found a site with the perfect definition. Here are some examples [...]

My European Tip, Part 5: Amsterdam

Tweet When I arrived in Amsterdam, I went to my hotel, the Pulitzer. I must say, the hotel itself was worthy of being a tourist attraction, it was that beautiful. This picture is the Canal and dock that are situated directly before the front door of the hotel. The actual front door of the hotel [...]

Blacks and IQ, Part 1

Tweet I personally don’t care about race and IQ findings, but not because I myself am black. I am comfortable dealing with unpleasant truths about black people all the time. Sometimes I even wonder if I’m too comfortable with that actually. And it’s not because it hurts my self-esteem and I want to sweep it [...]

Get ‘Em Bruce

Tweet No related posts.

My European Trip, Part 4: Sweden Wrap-Up

Tweet This is where I just touch on a bunch of topics that relate to Sweden but weren’t big enough to warrant their own posts or didn’t quite fit into the other posts contextually. Skeletons in the Closet Since coming back from Sweden and Amsterdam, I’ve been doing some research on both countries. I found [...]

My European Trip, Part 3: Partying with Swedes (and their mating rituals)

Tweet Partying: Here in NY, most clubs are open until 4 or sometimes later, but by then it’s usually dead. Only the really hard partiers or desperate losers trying to mack on whatever is left are still out at 4. A bulk of the party is already out the door before closing time hits, except [...]