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Fun With Hipsters: The Digital Internet Jukebox

Tweet Living in Brooklyn, it’s hard not to find yourself drinking in hipster-infested bars from time to time. It often comes with the territory. Now I hate to give hipsters credit on anything, but even I have to admit, they do sometimes have some decent taste in music, at least as far as older music [...]

Reader Email – Book Suggestions

Tweet First, some miscellaneous stuff. I’m currently in Stockholm, Sweden. Just got here yesterday. Had a stopover in Finland for a few hours. Finnish people had a very stern, quiet and sometimes gruff demeanor and really seemed to be a people that you could tell were descended from Viking warrior stock. Sweden was very, very [...]

Why I Hated The Dark Knight

Tweet Boy did I hate this movie. I hated The Dark Knight so much I couldn’t wait to leave the theater 20 minutes into it. And this is from someone who bought into the word-of-mouth buzz and sat down totally geeked to see a wonderful action flick. I didn’t go in intending to hate it [...]

Fashion Hell

Tweet No. Just…no. Here’s an affirmative action program I can get behind: can we please get some scholarship programs in fashion schools and hiring quotas at design houses for straight men? Because this is getting ridiculous now. People who show up like this to work should be cockpunched and fired on the spot. Here’s a [...]