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Black Women and Marriage

Tweet CNN is doing a series called Black in America. Online they had a piece related to this series titled “Black and Single: Is Marriage Really for White People?” This article I especially found interesting because it touched on many of the things I discussed in my last two blog posts explaining why so many [...]

Why You Can’t Get Married, Part 2

Tweet Part 1 of this 2-part series was focused on women who couldn’t find a steady man period, much less one to marry. Part 2 is going to focus on women who can get long-term relationships but are unable to get the men in question to marry them. One of my favorite books is The [...]

Why You Can’t Get Married, Pt. 1

Tweet UPDATE: Please note that part 2 is now up. I was inspired to write this piece by a female friend. This friend, who is in her mid-30s, recently asked me “I don’t get it. I have a graduate degree, I make great money, I own property, I’ve got a great car, I’m independent and [...]

Blog Post Follow-Ups

Tweet Radar Magazine asks “Who Killed The Movie Star?“. It’s an article that ties in pretty well to one I wrote about the newest and most important type of celebrity of the modern era, The Tabloid Star. Radar Magazine points out: For most of the century…having the right name on the marquee?be it Chaplin, Garbo, [...]