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Paris Hilton and Tabloid Stars

Tweet For all the flak Paris Hilton gets, deserved and undeserved, I give her credit for one thing; she has basically created a new type of celebrity: the tabloid star. The tabloid star is not the old model of stardom where someone appears in the tabloids because of movie, music, television or fashion stardom. This [...]

My Guest Post – Comfort With Women

Tweet Bobby Rio from the blog The Seduction Bible asked me to do a guest post about building comfort with women. Here it is. Enjoy. Related posts: Guest Post over at Alarming News Another Guest Post Latest Planet Ill Post Up: Self-Handicappers

Stockholm and Amsterdam Assistance

Tweet As you’ve probably notice, posting has been more sporadic than usual. The reason? I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time researching my upcoming vacation. I’m going to Stockholm and Amsterdam. I am putting out an open call to anyone who lives in or has been to either of those places to contact me [...]

Subtle Alpha Dominance

Tweet A reader named Dev provided me the following video of a producer for the Bill O’Reilly show ambushing Bill Moyers as an example of alpha dominance, and provided some analysis of it too. Now as a pretty right-wing guy, I agree with pretty much nothing Moyers says, but the beauty of this display is [...]

More on the Pro-Obama Media Bias

Tweet Someone sent me this Saturday Night Live clip from March that they thought was relevant to this post. Thought it was funny enough to put up. Given the fact that it’s a recent Saturday Night Live clip, actually, just the fact it had any funny moments made it noteworthy. Amy Poehler does a decent [...]

Obama, Hillary and McCain: The Fallout

Tweet // Listen to some of these clips from Bill Clinton during Hillary’s run, as it became clear she was going to lose. Bill Clinton claims that the race card was used against him: Now look at how testy Bill Clinton is getting with the media here last week: Also check out this quote from [...]