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The Compliance Recipe, Part 2: Cred and Earn-Reward

Tweet Continuing from this post. The 3 steps to building compliance, as mentioned before, are: Cred Earn-Reward Method Intermittent Rewards To get compliance, you first need to establish cred, which is short for credibility, or more specifically, credible authority.  There are many ways to do this, but the easiest way is to just have an [...]

The Compliance Recipe, Part 1: Compartmentalized Thinking

Tweet One of the things I like to encourage people to do when analyzing human nature is to avoid compartmentalizing their insights. To compartmentalize an insight means that you have learned a specific insight but are only able to understand and apply it in the original context in which it was taught to you. For [...]

Open Feedback Thread

Tweet I wanted to do something a little different today. First, this week is pretty busy so I won’t be able to post as often as I’d like. But also, I figure it gives me a good opportunity to satisfy my curiosity. I track visitors to this site, and I get a fair amount. Many [...]

Know Your Worth – The Call Girl Edition

Tweet Ever since Governor Eliot Spitzer’s scandals, newspapers everywhere are doing profiles on call girls left and right. Some are about individual call girls, others are about the overall call girl industry, but the one conclusion many of these stories have in common is the description of a secret segment of sex workers that come [...]

The Craziest, Boldest Take on Spitzer I’ve Read Yet

Tweet I’m not a big fan of Cindy Adams, but I have to give it to her….it takes balls to write this: March 12, 2008 — NO way to write today about the Lindsays, Parises, K-Feds, Katies, Toms, Nicoles or whocares. No body cares about anything except New York’s Gov. Must be something in the [...]

Great Reading On The Wire

Tweet I know a lot of people love reading about TV on Television Without Pity, but for my money no one writes more insightfully about TV than television critic Alan Sepinwall. A friend of mine told me about him back when he was doing day-after Sopranos recaps for the Newark Star-Ledger, and warned me that [...]

Pimp Week 3: Iceberg Concluded

Tweet This is the final installment of Pimp Week. For this, it’ll be a straightforward post. I’ll be finishing the story I started in these two posts here and here. When last we saw the pimp Iceberg Slim, he was being tested by his newest, prettiest whore in front of the rest of his stable [...]

Pimp Week 2: Iceberg Slim, Opening Scene Interpreted

Tweet This is a follow-up analysis post to this post, which VK, Des and Roissy did a ridiculously good job taking apart in the comments section. Maybe this one was too easy (or the commenters are just too damn good). Anyways, let me see if there’s anything left for me to add. To save you [...]

Pimp Week 1: Iceberg Slim, Opening Scene

Tweet From the opening pages of Pimp by Robert Beck (better known as Iceberg Slim) (slang translations provided by me in brackets): I grinned widely, inside of course. The best pimps keep a steel lid on their emotions and I was one of the iciest. The whores went into fits of giggles at [bottom bitch] [...]

48 Laws of Pimping

Tweet // This week is a busy week at work, but I’ve been using what free time I have to brainstorm on Pimp Week. Pimp Week is going to be a week of articles where I take something as reprehensible as the second oldest profession and try to show how you can actually derive positive, [...]