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I’m Apparently White…

Tweet …given that I identify with a few too many of these behaviors. (Yes, I know I am the millionth person to link to this site in the past few weeks. Bite me.) A lot of the behaviors described on this site can also be found discussed in more depth in the book Bobos In [...]

Wish I Wrote This

Tweet Every now and then I come across something that I wish I wrote. This piece from Craiglist’s “Best Of” section is a perfect example. It’s called “Myths and Truths,” and I’ve reproduced it in full below. I’m sure a few people will call it jaded and cynical, and it probably is, but that in [...]

The Difference Between Style And Fashion

Tweet New York women are among the most fashionable women on the face of the earth. They are also among the least stylish. Confused? If so, you aren’t alone. You’re just among the many people who confuse stylish with fashionable. To have a personal style is to have a statement you want to make with [...]

More On The Power of Vagueness – Dating

Tweet I had a post recently called The Power of Vagueness, which you can find here. In the first post, I focused mostly on vagueness when it came to the political arena and only touched on it slightly in the dating arena. This time around I’m going to go more into the topic of vagueness [...]

The Rocky Fallacy

Tweet Last year, I went to see Rocky Balboa in the theaters. I’ve always loved Rocky movies, especially the first one, and I thought it was a great ending to the franchise. But as I sat there in the theater, it reminded me of how different it is to watch a Rocky movie with a [...]

Portraits in Charisma, Pt. 2

Tweet I did a post a while back about what charisma is and what it isn’t. You can find it here. The basic premise is that what separates charisma from mere charm is the ability to suck people into your reality. You need to have a frame and sense of who you are that is [...]

Best Quote Ever, or Let’s Do Something With This Fucking

Tweet Rob Thomas and wife: serious about their fucking In a world where people are getting married later, divorcing more and having less kids than ever, I find people often sound almost wishy-washy or apologetic when announcing their desire to have kids. But not Rob Thomas, who comes real with it (emphasis added by me): [...]

The Power of Vagueness

Tweet Derren Brown is a skeptic that likes to go around debunking the supernatural and displaying how tricks are done. What he does in this clip below is show one of the ways psychic readings work. You have to go in a little past the 1:54 mark to get to the psychic trick. One of [...]

Nerds, Geeks and Dorks: A Primer

Tweet // You often hear the terms nerd, geek and dork used interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. Let me assure you that they don’t. Let’s take a moment to explain the differences. A nerd is someone with a high aptitude for intellectual endeavors, usually in areas that useful and challenging, but has [...]

The Cool Kids Show: Becoming A Relic

Tweet As I mentioned before, I went to see the Cool Kids last week. And it was really the first time where, at 33 years old, I actually felt old for a bit. I got into the Cool Kids from music blogs and their Myspace page, and once they got that Rhapsody commercial I knew [...]